Skill Up Africa

Registration for the second cohort of Skill Up Africa in all centres except Abule Egba ends on the 26th of January. To register after this date please call 07032623818 or 08053516764. Registration for Cohort 3 which starts in March commences on the 22nd of January.

Skill Up Africa is aimed at training 10,000 people in Africa viable ICT Skills by 2020.


In June 2018, Euidem Academy embarked on a journey to train 10,000 people in Africa several IT skills starting with 4 courses in the first cohort in Epe  training about 50 individuals at no cost. Participants had an intensive training on Graphics design, Web development, Microsoft office suite and Introduction to computer.

The second cohort slated to begin in January 2019 will feature 4 courses in 6 different locations. The Skill Up Africa project consist of parctical hands on training that helps absolute beginners become professionals while providing further resources neccessary to help students make commercial use of the knowledge.


For the second Cohort, Skill Up Africa will hold in 6 different locations in Lagos for the duration of the program.


Web Development

HTML, CSS, Javascript and WordPress

Participants will be introduced to HTML, CSS and Javascript and their application in web development with an indepth module on beginner and advanced wordpress web development with projects.

3D Animation

Maya, Zbrush and Blender

Participants will get the opportunity to learn the technical and artistic tools need to master 3D animation and visual effects for film, video, and content creation. Classes are project based and 100% practical

Graphics Design

Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw

Participants will learn how to about designs typography, colours and other graphics concepts. They also will learn how to make various kinds of designs with Adobe photoshop and corel draw.

Office Proficiency

Microsoft Word, Excel (Advanced) and Powerpoint

Participants will learn how to use Microsoft word and powerpoint professionally with a more indepth training on how to use MS Excel for data analysis. Other software in the MS suite will also be introduced.

How It works

Duration:  Each of the courses run for a total period of 3 months starting with 6 weeks for In-class training where participants attend a 3 hour class twice a week for 6 weeks. This is followed by the online section where participants get additional training from all facilitators via our online portal for 6 weeks . This period feature more of practical projects, idea sharing and group discussion among all participants from all the centres.

Schedule: For the In-class sessions, weekday classes hold Mondays/Wednesdays or Tusedays/Thursdays 11am to 2pm each day while weekend classes hold Fridays/Saturdays  3pm to 6pm on Friday and 11am to 2pm on Saturday. For particular centres, there may be slight adjustments in the time schedules to the convenience of the participants.

Requirements: For all the centres except the Epe centre, participants are required to come with their computers or at least have a personal computer they work with as classes will be 100% proactical and intensive. It will be impossible to make anything good off the course if participants don’t have sufficient acces to computers.

Certification: Certificates will be offered only to participants who satisfactorily complete the course they registered for. Certificates issues are equivalent to a Diploma and are awarded only on merit basis.

Cost: Thanks to our partners, some level of support have been recieved for Skill Up Africa Cohort 2 (We still look forward to more sponsorship). We offer each of the courses at 70% off the actual training cost. Unlike the first cohort (whic was offered at no cost), participants will be required to make payment for a commitment fee (which is actually 30% of the original cost) for each of the course.

How It Works

Want to take advantage of this opportunity? Limited spaces available.

Call 07032623818 or 08053516764 for more information.

Testimonials from a few of the participants from Cohort 1

Some sample projects from trainers and Skill up Africa graduates

Cohort 2 of Skill up Africa was made possible by our awesome partners