Our Projects


Kids can Code

We believe the kids of today are the leaders of tomorrow, the ones to bring to reality most of the dreams we have so the future at the present so we take special responsibility in leading them right at a tender age.

60% of our programs focus on kids 15 years and below with a special focus on the girl child. In Nigeria alone, over 10 million girls under the age of 15 are out of school or do not have access to education. This surely calls for an urgent intervention and we are doing our best to rise up to the task.

We do this presently via our following propects – CodeLagos, Africa Code Week, Google CS first, Code Stars and Hour of Code.

Skill Up Africa

The Skill up Africa program is a series of programs where we target the vulnerable, unemployed, unskilled youth and others with a quest to learn. yearly tons of young people from African countries migrate to other continents of the world in search of greener pastures. This has created a great deficit in the workforce of a lot of African countries with evident effects on the economies of these countries.

Sadly, corporations from Africa also outsource jobs worth billions of dollars to skilled professionals in other continents for lack of skilled manpower in their resident countries while million of youths from these countries remain unemployed for lack of the right skill set.

Euidem Academy started the Skill up Africa project to provide as many African youths as possible with the right IT skills with the aim of reversing the narrative and enacting change in our communities. The set up of an IT training centre in Epe is the second of such project embarked upon by the academy


Microfinance for Skills

The Microfinance for skills project is a subset of the Skill up Africa program. The specific aim of The M4S program is to provide core learning opportunities for indigent and exceptional youths. The program features up to 3 -9 months core IT training program with the provision of accomodation and feeding at no initial cost to participants. This will give an opportunity to brilliant indigent youths who can not access quality IT skills training programs.

Courses on the M4S program include Fullstack web development, Mobile apps development, Graphics design, Audio and video editing, animation and 3D illustration. Courses will be offer in an intensive 247 curriculum structure with a lot of emphasis on character development and the development of soft skills

Even though the M4S progam is yet to commence, we hope to start the pilot phase in 2019.

Entrepreneurial Development

Entrepreneurship offers unique opportunities for both personal and national development by giving power to citizens to build the world around them by identifying problems arounding them and offering actionable solutions. This is the reason why Entrepreneurship is a priority for us at Euidem Academy.

We champion several projects around entrepreneurship while providing support for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.