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We deliver training in 4 major different forms. These are

  1. CodeLagos
  2. Online Academy
  3. In-class programs
  4. One-off training (Africa Code Week)

For more information on how we run CodeLagos, what it is and how you can participate, please click here.

In general, we offer a wide range of programs for people of all ages and social class. In our vision to make IT education available and accessible to all, we understand the need for diversity and the need to be thorough in our approach. To this end, we do engage people via all means possible in other to effectively reach more people without having time, space, money or educational background as a barrier.

academy.euidem.com – Online Learning Portal

We teach our courses online via a full fledged online learning portal which runs as a complete online university allowing user take coures , quizes and other assessments, interract with other learners and instructors in a very easy to use way.

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In-Class Programs

Our In-class programs are run in two different forms.

  • In-Class training program at the training centre in Epe
  • A fully residency (in-house) training program yet to commence in Epe

on the 14th July 2018, Euidem Academy launched its IT training centre in Epe – a fully furnished 24 man capacity computer training centre meant to cater for the IT needs of the indigenes from Epe.


Our in-house program where we hope to take interested individuals on core IT skill acquisition programs is yet to commence but we look forward to been able to have the pilot phase in 2019.

Learn more about our Epe Project

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